A Year in Review

I first learned how to knit in seventh grade. My best friend was learning how to knit and it looked amazing. So I asked my mom if I could learn. She bought me a learn to knit kit from Costco and I spent the afternoon trying to learn how to knit via book. It just seemed to hard and I quickly gave it up. The following year knitting was trendy and several of my friends were knitting scarves for themselves. I tried to learn again, figured out stockinette and started a scarf, then put it down. I didn’t pick it back up until I found myself a boyfriend in tenth grade and forced myself to finish the scarf. It even had a few stripes in it. It was a decent first scarf but due to it being stockinette, it rolled like nobody’s business. I stopped knitting in frustration.

Then last year, six years later, as I was moving into my own apartment and my mom was trying to make me take home the last of my things, I found my box of knitting supplies. I found an old pair of needles, some old yarn, and a stitch book I had bought several years ago. I took it home and just tried some new stitches. I wasn’t too excited and was about to toss everything in the donate box, but then I found the internet. And by that I mean I found knitting on the internet; so many instructional videos, forums dedicated to the craft, and ravelry…oh sweet ravelry. With the ease of learning something new and the abundance of inspiration, I knew I found a hobby I would continue to enjoy for years to come.

This past year I have learned new stitches, knitting in the round, how to use DPN’s, how to knit continental, stranded knitting, how to knit hats, socks, blankets, even a cardigan! Below is a round-up of mostly everything I have knit (I forgot to snap pictures of a few).

This was my first project after picking up knitting one year ago. Its knit in Caron Simply Soft. The pattern is “Quick Knit Basketweave afghan” by Carole Prior.
This is also knit inCaron Simply Soft for my coworker’s daughter. The pattern is Wickerwork Hat by Tracey Gretchen. It was my frist time knitting in the round!
This was my first pair of socks! I participated in a yarn exchange on reddit and my gifter gave me a learn how to knit socks kit! The yarn is Bamboo Pop.
I knit these hats for my friends who were visiting me! The patterns are Gingerbread Icing Hat by Elizabeth Seidle, Shilling by Christine Terramane, Foliage Hat by Irina Dmitrieva, and Strib Hat by Kelly Williams.
I started this blanket for a friends baby. The pattern is Olympic Forest Baby Blanket. It took forever but was definitely worth it.
This is the almost final project. After blocking I sewed a fleec back to make it extra fuzzy.
This was my first pair of socks with tiny needles and sock yarn. The pattern is a Nice Ribbed Sock by Glenna C.
Sacre Coeur by Nim Teasdale in some kind of Sweet Georgia yarn.
The finished piece!
Bray Cap by Jared Flood in Lang 120 Merino.

Not pictured are the Christmas gifts I have already posted, another hat I knitted for my sister, and another easy pair of socks. My first knitting year has definitely been a year of learning.


2 thoughts on “A Year in Review

  1. Wow you definitely had an adventurous first year of knitting! All of your projects are really well done! I found sock knitting in my first year and kind of got stuck on that train for a while. It’s not my fault! They’re so addicting 🙂


    1. I totally agree! I only knit a couple of socks on these size 1.5 needles that were only about 5 inches long. I hated it because the needle would jab the side of my hands. But then I found magic loop, and since then…I always have a sock wip in my purse.


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