The Traveling Knit

If you were wondering, I am still working on the yellow cardigan.  The beautiful mustard yarn has become my yellow shadow.  It goes everywhere with me, but somehow it has yet to be finished.  Because of this, it has become a steadfast traveling.  Not only does it go to and from work with me, it has already visited Lake Tahoe (twice) and this past week it took a trip to Oakhurst and Yosemite.

My boyfriend and I have an anniversary very close to Valentines day, so we figure why spend money on two fancy dinners when you can combine the special days and celebrate for a whole weekend!  So we rented a lovely cabin in Oakhurst, cooked some lovely meals, and just spend the weekend relaxing.

One sleeve down, one to go.
Just one beautiful scene just inside the park.

After checking out on Sunday, we drove to Yosemite, had lunch, then hunkered down to watch the Yosemite Firefall.  One or two weeks our of the year, if the weather is just right, the sun will set on Horsetail Falls and the reflected light will make it seems as though the falls are made of fire. (See the below example.)

Napa Country

Unfortunately, while the entire day was beautiful, sunny and cloud free, about a half an hour before the sunset, clouds moved in and we weren’t able to catch the astounding sight. (See below picture)

No fire in the falls.

But I definitely want to go back next year and try to catch it again!

Photographers everywhere!  This was just a fraction of them.


Knits in Nature!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and hopefully I can soon show you a finished cardigan. ( I only have a sleeve, the collar, the buttonband, and buttons!)


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