And it just gets busier

Between the weekend adventures and work just getting increasingly busy, knitting progress has been slow.  I am still one sleeve short of a finished cardigan.  It upsets me a little because I am so close to being done but have made no progress.  However, I am trying to keep moving forward and give myself a break.  With work continuing to pile up, I have no time once I am home to knit.  Its pretty much: leave work late, go home, cook/eat dinner, shower, (maybe gym) , and then sleep.  If I do have time to relax, I am so exhausted I can’t even manage simple stockinette.

But…I have been trudging along on a sock.  The eventual second sock to the sad lonely sock I knitted months ago.  Its just your basic striped sock so its been easy to knit while on the phone or even phone banking for a political candidate! Its such a small (as in project size) that it fits into a small make-up bag and I can take it everywhere!



I threw my socks in my ski bag and took them on the mountain with me!  This was the first trip I managed to complete a few black diamond runs.  However, they did tire me out a bit and I had to stop and take a breather.  So I whipped out my wip and knit a few rows before getting up and starting again! Do you take your WIPs on adventures?


2 thoughts on “And it just gets busier

  1. That mountain looks gorgeous! My WIPs definitely don’t go exciting places like that – mostly just to work and back. And I feel you on the no time to work thing. I just started a new job and haven’t quite figured out the work/knitting balance yet.


    1. I think I have finally figure out the work-life balance, but now I am trying to figure out the life-knitting balance. Since I have been trying to be more active and leave my apartment to be outside and with friends, I have severely cut down on my knitting time! Hence the taking my knitting absolutely everywhere!

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