A FO just feels so good

This weekend was the first weekend in a long while that I stayed home.  While I did have errands to run and work to finish, the weekend did grant me some great knitting time.  Since I have been working on the yellow blob for so long I have not felt the rush of emotion you get when you finish a knitting project.

Socks. No pattern, basic top down ribbed sock. Yarn: Felici Knit Picks Surf’s Up

Finishing a project gives me such an amazing feeling.  I feel excited that I made something, excited that I finished a project, excited to start something new.  It is such a rush!  I have tried to explain it to friends who do not knit or make, but they don’t seem to understand. Do you feel similar feelings?




Yesterday I finished my pair of stripey socks.  I knit the first sock several months ago for my sister’s Christmas gift.  It fit my foot perfectly.  It was then I realized that my sister and I do not share the same size foot, and so the second sock took a while to finish.

Now that these socks are mine, I love them.  The yarn was easy to work with and I love the colors.  I did not know an afterthought heel existed, so in trying to keep the stripes uniform I had to do a lot of cutting and tying together.  Next time I will use an afterthought heel and perhaps use a different yarn all together for the toe and heel so I don’t have to cut the yarn so many times.

I will admit, the moment I finished weaving in the ends I started looking on ravelry for a new project.  But I think I will try to be monogamous.  I would like to have the same rush of feelings once I finish the yellow blob.

It’s not particularly beautiful, but it did taste good!

In other parts of my life, I managed to bake a Banana Pudding Pie.  It actually tasted quite good (especially for my first time)! It was my first time making pudding and meringue.  I definitely did not let the pudding set long enough, so when I went to cut a slice, everything kind of smooshed together.  Anyone have similar problems with pudding pie?




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