Mail time!

I have always enjoyed getting the mail. Ever since I was old enough to use the mailbox key I loved getting the mail.  My parents always warned me that once I got older getting the mail wouldn’t be fun.  It would be all bills and junk mail.

But now in the era of paperless billing, I have proved my parents wrong.  Most of my bills go to my email, along with work and spam, so my email inbox is now the home of the not fun mail.  My mailbox on the other hand is home to knitpicks catalogs, monthly newsletters, letters from friends, and of course the package.  Even when I know what I ordered and its something entirely mundane, like light bulbs, I still love the feeling of getting a package and opening it up. Its so fun, like an ordinary day Christmas.

But yesterday was real Christmas.  A close friend recently visited Peru, and because she is amazing and thoughtful, she brought me home Alpaca yarn. She then sent it to me and I would receive it in an undetermined amount of time.  In the age of Amazon 2-day shipping, it was killing me to know that my yarn was somewhere and would hopefully get to me.  I didn’t know the colors or yardage and I think the not-knowing was slowly killing me.  Then, yesterday, I got a text from my boyfriend saying I had a package from my friend. I managed to sit through the workday then I rushed home to open the package.  img_5338

The yarn is so soft with a slight halo.  One skein is a beautiful camel color and the other is a beautiful black.  I am unsure of the yardage, but I plan on using a scale tomorrow to find out.  When my friend let me know she was going to buy me yarn, I tried to politely ask for enough to make something.  (I have gotten too many amazing skeins that don’t have enough yardage for a whole project.)  She went above and beyond.  While I don’t know the exact yardage, I estimate each skein is more than 450 yrds or probably dk weight.  I think we can all agree that my friend is absolutely amazing and this is the best souvenir anyone can receive.


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