Finally (almost) finished


The Grace Cardigan by Jane Richmond that I have lovingly named “The Yellow Blob” is finally finished.  Well almost.  The ends are weaved in, the sweater is blocked, but I have not yet bought buttons for this sweater.  I already know what kind of buttons I want, I just haven’t made it to the store.  But lack of buttons didn’t stop me from wearing it yesterday!

I will admit, the sweater was a drag.  It took me forever to knit it.  Fingering weight cardigans take forever.  The pattern was very straight forward and easy to complete, but once the lace section was over, the knitting was just boring.  With that said, I think it was worth it.  I love the cardigan and I can’t wait to wear it with buttons.

I also must be a little masochistic because I just cast on another all stockinette sweater.


But this time is worsted weight and for a little boy.  I think this one will just fly off the needles.


One thought on “Finally (almost) finished

  1. The worsted weight cardigan will fly by compared to the fingering weight one you just finished! They’re so slow but I agree with you – I really like how fingering weight sweaters look so it’s totally worth it.


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