Knitting and Mental Health

I am finally moving forward. I finished the baby sweater for my friend.  There are a few places where the stitches are completely even, but I think overall it came out really well.  Everything seems even and even the drawstring looks amazingly adorable.  That tiny sweater took me so long.  (For about two weeks it was just the dread of binding of.  I hate binding off and casting on.)

But as I start work on a new project I feel happy.  Its been a while since I have felt happy and content to just knit. Now more than ever I believe that creating a healthy and meaningful lifestyle trickles down to all parts of a person.  In the past month I have tried to exercise more, focus more on my own happiness and work on my relationships.  I know it is so cliche, but I just feel better and it shows in my knitting.  I finished up Abate, and I have cast on a beanie (Father Cables by Veronika Jobe).  I have also even decided on my next project!

It reminds me of one of many articles toting the heath benefits of knitting. I guess knitting not only improves health, but showcases it as well!

I am excited to be able to move forward, not only in my knitting, but also my life.


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